The numbers in Elefen

Cardinal numbers

On written form, each digit is separated by a dash (-), except for mil and milion. For example: 78 is written setedes-oto, 6,921 is written ses mil novesento-dudes-un and 7,254,909 is written sete milion dusento-sincodes-cuatro mil novesento-nove. Negative, decimal numbers and fractions are written as follows:

Fractions just add the suffix -i to the numbers and follow the usual rules for word formation: If the word ends with a vowel and its not the only vowel in the word drop that vowel: sete becomes seti—drop the e in setei—, du becomes dui —ends with vowel but it’s the only one so no droppping here—. For some reason 3 is an exception: tre becomes tri.

To indicate the quantity of something in a sentence just write the number and follow it with a noun:

Ordinal numbers

If a noun precedes a number then we get an ordinal number: