A translation of random dril tweets to Toki Pona


“no-reply@youtube.com: mi mute li ante e lipu lawa.
mi: lipu lawa mi: o kalama ala”.
“no-reply@youtube .com: We’ve changed our terms of service,
me: my terms of service is simply this”Shut the Fuck up””.

“a, mi wile pana e ko jaki lon len noka mi. mi wile tawa tawa tomo telo, mi pana e ko jaki lon ni, mi tawa tawa tomo mi”.
“Oh i cant wait to shit my pants. I cant wait to walk into the bathroom and shit my pants in there and go home”.

“palisa mije mi li sama akesi lili #janJesuslijanlawa”.
“my dick looks like a dissected frog #JESUSISKING”.

“ike tawa mi la jan sona sijelo li toki e ni: “o moku e ni tu. o toki tawa mi kepeken ilo toki lon tenpo suno sin”. o pilin monsi mi kepeken uta sina”.
“i hate it when doctors say Shit like “Take two and call me in the morning” . why dont yoy take two kisses of the butt crack of my ass”.

“lawa mi li pilin ike la mi pana e telo pi ko jaki lon lipu Kleenex”.
“haivng stress diarrhea into a handful of Kleenex”.

“weka e mi la sina wile e ni: sina pini lape lon tenpo suno sin kin”.
“you have to get up pretty early in the morning to piss off my entire shit”.

“mi tawa wawa lon poka telo kun lawa sijelo mi li suno li jaki la meli mute li pilin lawa ike”.
“strutting my shit on the beach, unintentionally increasing the anxiety of all girls with my radiant shit head energy and blowing it bigtime,”.